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  • Dogs land on Earth in an UFO.
  • A man accounts for taste.
  • A seminar called The Art of Decision Making has two entrances.
  • A female elf hits a male elf with a hammer for asking her if she jingles all the way.
  • A lizard receiving an award for a nature film thanks his parents for not eating him when he was born.
  • A new pilot crashes her plane into a spice factory, becoming a seasoned pilot.
  • A cartoon auction sells rare items.
  • No one told a woman that the effective communication seminar had been canceled.
  • A turtle imagines giving a talk to shell-less turtles.
  • A tissue tells other tissues to prepare to be used.
  • Cats go to a lecture to learn time management.
  • Bigfoot relaxes in a chair, while his little dog works hard to bring him his huge slippers.