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  • A turtle imagines giving a talk to shell-less turtles.
  • A tissue tells other tissues to prepare to be used.
  • Cats go to a lecture to learn time management.
  • Bigfoot relaxes in a chair, while his little dog works hard to bring him his huge slippers.
  • During Oscar acceptance speech for "The Phonebook + You," Jake lists everyone he wants to thank in alphabetical order, implying that list will be long.
  • Fly on his way to a stress reduction training seminar narrowly escapes death by a flyswatter, a frog, a spider, a cat, and bug spray.
  • Letter E teacher tells letter E parents that child is quiet and uninvolved, needs career as silent letter, parents think Hope and Love, child thinks Trouble.
  • Man tells friend that snakes feeling slimy is a myth, not seeing that snake swallowed friend, and friend thinks snakes feel slimy from the inside.
  • Student realizes she doesn't have her homework, but her dad's policital campaign speech, while Dad gives speech talking about liking Mommy and being pretty in dresses.
  • Man gives presentation about changing next year's cat calendar to reflect real life, such as January: Spunky coughs up furball, March: Clyde misses litterbox.
  • Employees at a meeting to improve productivity, one employee suggests skipping these kind of meetings and instead start doing some work.
  • Myron sitting at bar with tough-looking man with large nose, Myron explaining curveball, wants to demonstrate, implying he is about to grab man's large nose.