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  • Don King's mother warns people to cover their electrical outlets so their kids' hair isn't frizzy.
  • Abraham Lincoln scores in four different sports.
  • To stop cat's clawing, cat owner made furniture from scratching posts.
  • Scott O'Grady ate the ants out of his ant farm when he was a child.
  • A man blow-dries his hands using hot air from a politician's speech.
  • An alien teaches students that the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach.
  • Underdog's super energy pills are steroids.
  • Porky Pig becomes homeless after taking speech therapy.
  • The Big Bad Wolf gives a motivational speech at a wolf convention.
  • A vacuum salesman accidentally sucks up a woman's cat while giving a demonstration.
  • A caveman teaches his pet dinosaur to roll over, but the dinosaur crushes him.
  • A woman and her fiance disagree about how they think or say the same thing.