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  • Dogs agree to live in a dog-eat-cat world instead of a dog-eat-dog world.
  • A woman wants to remember Hugh Schnozolla's name but doesn't notice his giant nose.
  • Bashful the dwarf goes to assertiveness training.
  • Dogs go to the gym.
  • Piranhas are mad that flesh-eating bacteria are cutting in on their territory.
  • A young shark gets a victim for her birthday.
  • A bird conspiracy theorist challenges the Two Birds, One Stone theory.
  • Speed Racer's lips don't match his mouth because his helmet is too tight.
  • A cat gives a motivational speech using Rip Van Winkle's 20-year-nap as an example.
  • Fish author speaks about fish hook foolishness.
  • A man holds a bird and a snake, maybe because demonstrating how to catch mice but probably because he's run out of ideas for cartoons.
  • Donald Duck complains that his girlfriend doesn't understand him, but his therapist says no one understands him.