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  • Cats rate online purchases with purr and hiss comments.
  • Father sympathizes that daughter can't understand being reundefriended.
  • Students who join "I hate teacher" Facebook page score lower.
  • Student keeps school presentation short because laughing class saw what happened on YouTube.
  • To get accepted on dating web site, men must take long-walk-on-the-beach test.
  • Teacher is ebay addict and grades tests using ebay-like feedback.
  • Man wonders who downloaded dirty snow images on his computer while snowman stands outside window.
  • Devil's political career is ruined by video on Youtube of him cuddling with kitty.
  • Monster reads book of people's faces called Facebook.
  • Owner has facebook on computer and dog has Tailbook.
  • Betty White tries to help you remember your internet passwords by giving clues.
  • Green eggs and ham character posts dislikes on his profile.