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  • Misspelled Thanksgiving texts autocorrected bread stuffing staffing, turkey gobble Google, cranberry sauce saw & underwear gift thongs giving.
  • Trick or treater in cellphone costume tells scared man his favorite celebrity is trending on social media.
  • Annoyed vampire on laptop cannot join Zoom meeting website without an invitation link to log in.
  • Lying Dracula on laptop posts fake vampires info articles fooling woman on internet
  • Zombie on smartphone filming cemetery invasion not technically live streaming videos online.
  • Soaked man turns off push notifications after smartphone shoves him in garden pond landscaping.
  • Man’s smartphone weather forecast says party cloudy not partly as partying clouds celebrate in sky.
  • Wooden puppet Pinnochio on laptop surprised by big belly mother tree & Geppetto dad picture on family genealogy website.
  • Older cloud on smartphone sees frequent drizzle peeing overnight weather forecast website.
  • Disappearing Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat on smartphone texts smile emoji faces.
  • Playing card walking dog asks sad four of broken hearts how online dating is going.