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  • People love funny cat behavior videos while cats are horrified by online videos of humans.
  • Santa using laptop rates kids’ cookies online from one to five stars.
  • Santa with laptop computer ordered sexy Santa suit with skirt, fishnet stockings and high heel boots from website by mistake.
  • Christmas tree on laptop is caught by wife looking at internet porn of naked tree with no leaves.
  • Potato woman on laptop likes online dating profile of Mr Potatohead with many ears.
  • Turkey on laptop checks Facebook to see how many friends marked themselves safe.
  • Every morning Dr. Jekyll has to delete Mr. Hyde’s negative social media activity from the night before.
  • Frankenstein gets message on smartphone about new followers as an angry mob comes up behind him with torches and pitchforks.
  • Witch accidentally hits reply all while casting a spell in a duel and turns all of the other witches into frogs.
  • Denim bluejeans hanging on clothesline are distressed by negative tweets on smartphone.
  • Cat reads five star review online for food liked for three whole days.
  • The Wizard of Oz likes Tinman’s Twitter post to give him a heart.