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  • The Wizard of Oz likes Tinman’s Twitter post to give him a heart.
  • Annoyed owner asks dozing cat how he got into a Twitter war with President Trump.
  • Child in talent show will hack her teacher’s email account before she can tackle her.
  • Dinosaur on laptop checks why meteor is trending on Twitter.
  • Computer warns man before he posts hateful content online.
  • Cartoonist’s many emotional states are shown in emojis.
  • Butterfly is embarrassed by larvae baby photos mom posts online.
  • Mayfly’s Facebook Memories only goes back five minutes.
  • Earth is surprised to see how much ice cap he’s lost in photos on Facebook Memories.
  • Depressed clam pretends to be happy.
  • Emojis in a movie theater are horrified when the film suddenly becomes scary.
  • Cat claws owner to be left alone.