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  • Three razorback's split a hare amongst themselves.
  • A turkey gives another turkey all of his food.
  • A cat gets a clock with a bird chime.
  • A woodpecker has to peck a tree in a certain order.
  • Baby Duchamp draws pictures of his dad.
  • A website designer has trouble putting a picture of a band online because they're too fat for his bandwidth.
  • A baby Godzilla is jealous of his brother because his slice of the pie bakery has fewer people in it.
  • The inside workings of a toddler's brain.
  • The cartoonist lets his family come up with ideas for the Fathers' Day cartoon.
  • A muscular hamster finally gets off the wheel.
  • People can't share the book about sharing.
  • A camel with four humps empties the watering hole.