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  • A Native American recieves smoke signals by fax.
  • A wolf thinks 3 megabytes of RAM is like three bites out of a ram.
  • Woman busily typing on a computer accidentally deletes a file, and she reacts with anger by chopping the computer with an ax.
  • Boy thinks about his day, which included eating spaghetti, playing games, cleaning his room, and shaving the cat, and wonders why his mom punished him.
  • Boy holding starfish asks dad, who is videoing, if video will be good enough for TV, dad agrees because shark is about to eat boy.
  • Robot tells waitress she doesn't want anymore coffee because she is already wired.
  • Couple is unhappy with photographer who used to be a guillotine operator because their heads are cut off in the picture.
  • Wife tells husband, Albert, that expandability is a good feature for computers, not husbands, just as he has his mouth open extremely wide to eat an entire piece of cake.
  • The Earth, surrounded by satellites in space, says that he feels like he's being watched.
  • Husband faxes wife dirty diaper and asks for clean one in return because he doesn't know how to change the baby's diaper.
  • Fish upset because camera isn't working, missed another photo opportunity, there's fish in front of him with hook on both sides of stretched out mouth.
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