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  • Snake hair Medusa on computer sees worm diagnosis on doctor’s website.
  • Disney+ streaming video parody of cartoon Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck missing ear and beak.
  • Smartphone asks to open blood pressure health app before presidential votes news.
  • Monster asks monster with foot in mouth what it got on Craigslist website and it says Craig.
  • Frankenstein on computer website sees country and hardware store DNA ethnicity results.
  • Disappointed witch in too small witches hat tells other witch not used to buying online.
  • Over caffeinated swamp monster in coffee mug scares man man eating breakfast.
  • Vampires on computer screen Zoom meeting online are missing from web cam videos.
  • Old Spider Man’s web-shooter malfunctions missing bank robber.
  • Flies see multiple hexagon webcams on online video teleconference meeting.
  • Telecommuting dad on computer shushes noisy son Mike not muted interrupting online video work meeting.
  • Man tells person locked in metal case their phone has good privacy settings.