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  • Butterfly is embarrassed by larvae baby photos mom posts online.
  • Mayfly’s Facebook Memories only goes back five minutes.
  • Earth is surprised to see how much ice cap he’s lost in photos on Facebook Memories.
  • Depressed clam pretends to be happy.
  • Two daughters post their mother’s diary on Youtube and make her famous.
  • Cat meow translator smartphone app says kill everyone.
  • Emojis in a movie theater are horrified when the film suddenly becomes scary.
  • Bird rates feeder 3.5 stars for poor ambiance from cats watching from a window.
  • Cat claws owner to be left alone.
  • Snoopy isn’t sure if his doghouse is a house, bed or plane so he can’t answer a captcha code online.
  • Cat and dog google how humans trick their pets.
  • Man’s dog loves his social media post.