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  • Upset bull husband discovers cow wife rides mechanical bulls on girl’s night out.
  • Rabbit counselor asks Easter bunnies couple in therapist’s office if tired of walking on eggshells literally.
  • Husband proofreads texts after wife picks up sexy guy from France instead of baguette bread loaf.
  • Married Sasquatch husband on cellphone thinks insulting big fool text isn’t autocorrected.
  • Thanksgiving turkey cheater caught with red wine bottle tells jealous white wine not only one he goes with.
  • Single celled musician sings break up song while ex splits dividing cell.
  • Jolly Green Giant wife catches husband on laptop naked Eve fig leaf pornography website.
  • Suspicious coffee cup confronts woman cheating with wine glass at night.
  • Tattoo artist inks wife’s sister’s name in heart on man’s back in April Fool’s prank.
  • Snowman on laptop sees snow removal website ad and wonders if its relationship is in trouble.
  • Snowman therapist asks snowmen with poked in chests in couples counseling if they push each other’s buttons.
  • Red and yellow leaves arguing in bed have both changed since beginning their relationship green.