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  • Friday the 13th movie murderer Jason waits for knife in dishwasher to kill partying teens.
  • Bats family mom scolds ear rolling child complaining at bed time.
  • Playing card decks mom washing dishes in kitchen tells lazy attitude cards son no shuffling when walking rule.
  • Christmas tree mother disapproves exposed bare branch teen daughter’s inappropriate sexy decorations clothing.
  • Pez dispenser dad catches making out teens with mouthfuls of candies and asks if they’ve been necking.
  • Angry Bible’s Noah in rain with animals tells teenage son to bring back borrowed ark.
  • Remote worker blocked from laptop computer keyboard by stubborn cat laying in the way.
  • Vampire’s invisible I.D. photo makes vampire nightclub bouncer’s job challenging.
  • Kid reading book in bed after bedtime thinks he’s being sneaky after mom tricks him by telling him not to.
  • Dad likes VR goggles kids gave him for Father’s Day that shower him with praise.
  • Cartoon characters are checked into the Betty Rubble Center for addiction recovery.
  • Teenager tells dad he's not brushing his teeth because he is seasoning them.