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  • A snowglobe comes home early and finds his wife and another snowglobe shaken up.
  • A wrecking ball has an affair with a homewrecker.
  • A skeleton cheats on her husband and he comes back and catches her with her body parts detached.
  • Seagull babies want to know if they came from the stork.
  • Chickens go to couples counseling because one of them wants their relationship to be free range.
  • A woman is confused how her husband has so many reward points at the jewelry store, because he spent lots of money there on other women.
  • A dog asks her husband if it's okay if she gets another dog for companionship while he's traveling.
  • Mrs. Claus cheats on Santa with a mall Santa.
  • A pumpkin's vines grope another pumpkin.
  • A skeleton gets a text of a pelvis.
  • An owl sneaks home during the middle of the daytime.
  • Frankenstein tells his bride that his body came with a tattoo with someone else's name on it.