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  • A dog gets some time to cheat on her husband by pretending to throw a tennis ball.
  • A woman cheats on her boyfriend with Mr. Potatohead.
  • A man wants to see other people -- a movie called Other People.
  • A cup cheats on her husband with a cup holder.
  • An orange gives birth to lemons and her husband is suspicious.
  • A man's relationship is like puppy love in that his girlfriend jumps on whoever's closest.
  • A reindeer cheats on her husband with Rudolph and hides him in the closet.
  • Chess king's queen leaves him for a knight's moves.
  • Flower is jealous of husband getting a shower with neighboring flower.
  • Cat discovers wife being licked by who she claims is a personal groomer.
  • Cat's husband curls up on guest's lap.
  • Bread wife is found by husband with another slice buttering her.