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  • Cat discovers wife being licked by who she claims is a personal groomer.
  • Cat's husband curls up on guest's lap.
  • Bread wife is found by husband with another slice buttering her.
  • Mrs. Claus is angry with Santa for going to old girlfriend's house on Christmas Eve.
  • Santa comes home early to be suspicious of elf step stool at Mrs. Claus's bedside.
  • Orange wife suspects late husband arriving of being freshly squeezed.
  • Frog prince's human form reveals that he's been kissing someone else.
  • A female dog realizes she's not sure she had sex with her boyfriend because his head cone obscured his face.
  • King worries about queen's admiration of hired moat boy.
  • The memory foam remembers all the women that have been in Brendan's bed.
  • Sherlock Holmes thinks a thief stole Watson's clothes when found naked in his fiance's closet.
  • Dalmatian puppies prompt husband to question his wife's fire truck ride.