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  • Man must be told that a lie is the truth.
  • Sheep is shocked to find wolf in her closet trying on her clothes.
  • Woman has redirected her inward anger by trapping man with knifes thrown at wall.
  • Teeth admire the canines in the window as they walk past.
  • Atlas' little brother gets it easy by holding up moon.C18
  • Bird enlists the clock to skywrite his marriage proposal in sky.
  • Mug crying over breakup should have known the travel mug would leave.
  • Bird annoyed by woman saying pretty bird thinks its another earworm.
  • The millicorn with a thousand horns is not as popular as the unicorn.
  • Mother bird warns babies food may have shifted during digestion.
  • Potatohead parents put on more eyes so that they can watch daughter with boyfriend.
  • Fly paper catches pixies as well as flies.