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  • Honeybee on smartphone sees flowers online dating profile looking for a third sex partner.
  • Grilled burger at BBQ warns single friend distant hamburger guy cold in the middle.
  • Mistaken ocean clam’s incompatible relationship with pistachio nutshell love.
  • Praying mantis bugs at bar admit eat mates’ heads to avoid awkward eye contact after sex.
  • Woman dating scary monster head man thinks she’s missing red flags in relationship.
  • Therapist tells wife in couples counseling putting up walls triggers traumatized Humpty Dumpty husband.
  • Female preying mantis on date runs into decapitated ex-husband in uncomfortable meeting.
  • Martian dating tons of eyeballs extraterrestrial feels seen in romantic relationship.
  • Fortune teller’s crystal ball foresees Prince Charming marry snow white Frosty the Snowman husband.
  • Mansplaining man tells lady vegetable salad actually fruits, wonders why rejected second date.
  • Rebellious fruit fly fries bacon, commoner monarch butterfly watches TV, stag beetles dating & spelling bee misspells insect.
  • Meditating cat hermit tells kitty mountain climber it’s not catching laser pointer dot, it’s about the journey.