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  • Tick comes back engorged with blood after crawling around on pups all night.
  • Printer gets heart broken when computer tells her there is not an available printer.
  • Husband lies to his wife that he's still eating healthy because he's eating electronic bacon.
  • Watching the news, balloon fish gets upset and puffs up.
  • Seagull can't bring himself to share a photo of chips on social media.
  • Fish is late to date in the same fishbowl because his GPS isn't working.
  • Kiss the Cook apron quickly escalated to sex in bed.
  • After looking at his phone, Blondie asks Dagwood who Brunettie is.
  • Woman mistakes cat scratches on headboard as tally marks for man's sexual partners.
  • Pepper shaker and vegetable pepper wind up on a bad blind date.
  • Mother flower with too many children agrees that the pollen count is high.
  • Pizza and pineapple couple sneak around because people don't think pineapple should go on pizza.