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  • Blowfish prefers long distance relationships for safety.
  • Man entices family over for Thanksgiving by telling them they can catch a Pickachu there.
  • Man must be told that a lie is the truth.
  • Sheep is shocked to find wolf in her closet trying on her clothes.
  • Bird annoyed by woman saying pretty bird thinks its another earworm.
  • The millicorn with a thousand horns is not as popular as the unicorn.
  • Mother bird warns babies food may have shifted during digestion.
  • Potatohead parents put on more eyes so that they can watch daughter with boyfriend.
  • Fly paper catches pixies as well as flies.
  • Toothbrush requests husband puts on a different head.
  • Crackle and Pop are jealous wives are spending so much time on Snapchat.
  • Romance was counted by stars in the sky, but now counted by cat videos on the Internet.