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  • A kitten's parents are proud because he had his first meows, first steps, and first human blood.
  • A baby squid inks his diaper.
  • A marionette cuts her boyfriend's strings because he insisted on becoming unattached.
  • A chicken covers her chick's eyes when they past the chicken breasts at the supermarket.
  • A clock doesn't care about the gender of her child, just that it has one long hand and one short hand.
  • A baby wants to get a mockingbird muzzle so her dad buys her a diamond ring.
  • Godzilla brings toll houses for his kid to eat.
  • A test tube invites another test tube to come see his etchings.
  • A snake's mom and a kid's mom tell them not to touch each other.
  • The creator of Family Circus yells at his kids to do something funny before his deadline.
  • A school of fish asks its mom which of them she loves best.