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  • A bunch of women get coached through labor at once.
  • A woman gets an ultrasound and her unborn child is holding a sign that says "No more chili."
  • A fetus smacks the side of the womb because its mom's stomach is growling too loudly.
  • A glue bottle goes to therapy because it never bonded as a child.
  • A baby prefers teething on his dad's finger because he can pretend he's a monster.
  • A kid wearing Mickey Mouse ears wanders into an alley full of cats.
  • A koala hugs another koala because it's scared of falling on thorns.
  • A baby gets bugs in its hair as the stork delivers it.
  • A beaver says she'll go broke if her rabbit neighbors don't stop having baby showers.
  • Young Vanna White eats plastic letters and passes vowels.
  • A fish's wife's doctor announces his kid is a boy'and a girl'and a boy'and a girl'et cetera.
  • A beaver gets braces so his straight teeth will become an overbite.