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  • Man with injured right knee approaches two doors, door on left is left knee specialist, door on right is right knee specialist, nurse points him right.
  • Popeye on the phone with mom telling her he appreciates her negotiating his contract except for the clause having him eat spinach in each episode.
  • Man thinks about date, he complimented service, asked for another date, showed her food on his dental floss, wonders why she got sick and left.
  • Wife doesn't understand why husband's cat allergies bother him when cats are locked in other room, fails to see cat hair covering everything.
  • Doctor tells injured pillow lying on bed with Band-Aids and IV to cool it with the pillow fights for a while.
  • The maternity ward for skeletons is full of tiny skeleton heads and crossbones, dad skeleton and child skeleton are looking in window.
  • Man tells son he is listening to the very best of America and it is a list of first responders and o
  • Doctor prescribes painful suggestions for patient on April Fools Day.
  • Singer's lyrics reveal that he is having affair with drummer's wife.
  • Aliens shaped like the handicap symbol think Earthlings are saving them the best parking spaces.