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  • Cootie, sitting on a bald man's head, radios to mission control, located on a full head of hair, about unhospitable environment, including a harsh glare.
  • Hairclub for Men executives are at ball game and decide to do the wave using their hair pieces to wave.
  • A clearly aged Charlie Brown sits on bench and wonders how he can get little gray-haired girl to notice him.
  • Turtle coming out of a store wonders where he parked because the parking lot is full of turtle shells that all look the same.
  • Horse is terrified because the old lady who swallowed a fly and spider is coming, knows song ends with old lady swallowing horse and dying.
  • Pencil at party meets another pencil, thinks he's too short, kinda dull because his lead isn't sharp, and has worst toupee, a cap eraser.
  • Captain Kirk has retired, answers door to see alien woman and alien child, thinks to himself, "Oh, God, not another paternity suit."
  • Earth does a comb over to cover ozone hole in atmosphere.
  • Aliens shaped like the handicap symbol think Earthlings are saving them the best parking spaces.