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  • A straightened candy cane emerges from the Chiropractor's office.
  • An owl rotates its head around so it can look up while getting a back massage.
  • A pine tree mistakenly drops its needles in the fall.
  • Forget the Hoover Dam -- President Hoover knows how to darn his socks.
  • A needle and thread go to couples therapy and learn that their relationship will take patience.
  • Boyfriend gets girlfriend's name tattooed on his actual heart.
  • Program allows people to exchange bare Christmas trees for full ones.
  • Tattooed and pierced patient is ironically nervous about surgery.
  • Tattoo artist takes client's tattoo request too literally.
  • Pez dispenser visits chiropractor as contents are out of alignment.
  • Nurse shows patient the easy way and the hard way to have blood drawn.
  • Nurses excited to take patient to beach for his vitamin D treatment.