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  • A porcupine acupuncturist loses his needles in his patient's quills.
  • Mark updates nursery rhymes for the modern age.
  • Cave men throw spears at a woolly mammoth, which makes him feel better.
  • A swami sleeping on a bed of needles gets pins and needles in his hand.
  • Beach vacation photos used to have crabs biting a man's foot, but now they have a needle stabbing his toe.
  • An acupuncture patient sneezes, filling his acupuncturist with needles.
  • Gumby has a lapse in judgment and gets a full body massage, emerging all bent up.
  • A man without health insurance goes to a beach littered with needles and pill bottles to feel better.
  • A sea jelly tries to open a chiropractic franchise, but jellyfish don't have spines.
  • Instead of Penicillin, pharmacist at drug store substitutes moldy bread.
  • Goldilocks' spine is out of alignment because she switched from a too-hard bed to a too-soft one.
  • Snoopy's chiropractor tells him his back hurts because of how he lies on his doghouse.