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  • A lobster nurse doesn't believe her patient has been deveined.
  • A chiropractor had to adjust to seeing the bottom of people's shoes.
  • A chiropractor does performance arts with a patient.
  • A dog looks at aroma therapy candles.
  • A cat enjoys the aroma therapy from a catnip mouse.
  • The scarecrow's doctor has trouble helping him when he sits on a needle.
  • Geppetto hammers nails into Pinocchio to try acupuncture.
  • Stork complains to chiropractor of back pain from delivering mulitple babies due to fertility drugs.
  • A genie wants a back rub as well as a lamp rub to grant wishes.
  • Extreme Christmas sports include The Vertical Needle Push and The Power Space Grab.
  • The cartoon shows how various cartoon characters' careers ended.
  • A porcupine acupuncturist loses his needles in his patient's quills.