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  • Kitten student shows cats class & teacher scratched chair destroyed on summer vacation.
  • Man attacked by pecking sea gulls regretted wearing potato chips pattern swim trunks to beach.
  • Bullied guy gets payback at beach sand kicking jerk with potato chips crumb pecking sea gulls.
  • Underwater artistic shark predator paints human victim’s ass in inflatable ring at surface.
  • Underwater sharks restaurant diner selects person swimming above as dinner order from shark waiter.
  • Dangerous predator sharks’ misspelled free dolphins swimming beach sign tricks foolish swimmers.
  • Lightweight beach ball super hero is defeated by air blowing slight windy gusts nemesis’ powers.
  • Relaxed ocean fish in bed sleeps listening to noisy city sounds white noise machine overnight.
  • Prehistoric cavemen laughed but wood zamboni builder only one prepared for Ice Age freeze.
  • Metal detector finds underground devil horns hand heavy metal rocker in sand dune beaches.
  • Seagull gamer in headphones plays beach french fries stealing Grand Theft Auto video game spoof.
  • Crystal ball psychic predicts dark eyes stranger date future but shark attack is swimmer’s destiny.