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  • Christmas tree on laptop regrets waiting till only lopsided trees left on online dates website.
  • Rudolph the red nosed reindeer on laptop shops online for clear face masks PPE for pandemic Christmas.
  • Mouse asks fortuneteller cat Christmas gift prediction & she answers a stalking.
  • Santa’s Rudolph at bar tells reindeer bartender he’s the designated Christmas sleigh guider and not drinking.
  • Annoyed snowman dislikes heated hot yoga gym gift certificate present from snowman.
  • Santa Claus’s wife frustrated by husband’s dirty wet footprints says he’s unbelievable.
  • Woman at gym is surprised by Chanukah dreidels in spinning class.
  • Playful cats stealing toy parts from annoyed Santa’s elves are a work shop from home difficulty.
  • Active outdoor Xmas lightbulb likes outside hikes, skiing & snow but indoor light bulb reading prefers cozy fire inside.
  • Depressed Santa Claus in therapy appointment says he only feels ho ho to psychiatrist.
  • Woman on phone says plans to watch Netflix TV and chill with Frosty the Snowman.
  • Tooth tells teeth some may not survive fight against sugary Christmas fruitcake.