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  • A family tries to afford the house next door by driving down demand.
  • A new house is really cheap because it is built right next to a driving range.
  • A hermit crab tries to take the shell being used by another hermit crab.
  • A couple moves near a pretzel factory to smell the salt air.
  • Ticks moving because of cat's purring contentment.
  • Pavlov's dogs drool whenever the downstairs neighbor's telephone rings.
  • Landscapers make your lawn the best in the neighborhood by making others' lawns look worse.
  • Concert tickets are so expensive, not even remortgaging the house can pay for them.
  • A dog acts like a mime since his owner installed an invisible fence.
  • The sea is filled with evil lairs.
  • A moth real estate agent shows her customers some Capes.
  • Two neighbors share driveways and kitchens.