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  • Realtor brings old woman to Colonial, Victorian, and Ranch shoes.
  • Hermit crabs use tortoise shell as condominium.
  • Dr. Frankenstein restores life to an old Victorian woman.
  • Grocery store offers parkas for rent while you shop in the dairy aisle.
  • Man wants to pick next movie rental, the woman chose a movie where viewer desertion is advised.
  • Reality show Flip That House is on TV while a pet turtle struggles to flip his house.
  • Baby's playpen disclaimer averts the responsibility for damaged or stolen property.
  • Judge ruling on infringement lawsuit must determine the intellectual property of lyrics first.
  • The chiropractor's garden has flowers that stand up straight.
  • A man flunks real estate school when he can't remember the end of Location, Location, Location.
  • An old man buys a machine to bang on the ceiling with a broom for him when his upstairs neighbors party.
  • Absent minded Spiderman uses web to steal forgotten Christmas present out of neighbors window.