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  • A penguin is all white and his tuxedo markings were a rental.
  • Teacher will grade students' assessments of their own self-given grades.
  • Old woman claims shoe house is exempt from taxes because it is clothing.
  • Artist's body outline street drawings make neighborhood seem dangerous.
  • Realtor tries to sell run down gingerbread house ito bake-it-yourselfer.
  • Husband keeps wife from using fire escape to escape from monster.
  • Old woman looking to buy a new shoe home considers a bowling shoe rental instead.
  • Snail fixes up his shell and sells it for a profit as a successful flip.
  • Bird is concerned about home located near a pinata.
  • Real estate agent points out the cleanliness of three bears' bathroom.
  • Son can't afford to visit mother who lives on Monopoly's Park Place.
  • The building between the Mentos and Diet Coke factories has high insurance rates.