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  • Gingerbread woman eats man she's cheating with to hide him from her suspicious husband.
  • Santa mistakenly gets arrested for being a scary creepy clown.
  • Dinosaur reads how to become a vegetarian after trying to kill triceratops and getting hurt.
  • Turkey regrets his dotted line neck tattoo when farmer approaches with ax.
  • Selfish, greedy people download without paying sound like pirates.
  • Culprit gets away from cop but he catches three Pokémon instead.
  • Among rare animals, a rare sight is a Game of Thrones episode where no one dies.
  • Lenny says jury foreman didn't say guilty with enough conviction.
  • Chest of drawers has to id from a police lineup which chest dropped its drawers.C4
  • Phone gets right to remain in silent mode when getting arrested.
  • Woman seahorse gets a maternity lawsuit by male seahorse with babies.
  • Superdog's x-ray nose leads him right to the stomach of the thief who ate missing kibble.