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  • Cop tells line up suspects to say attack the ball for popped basketball victim to identify aggressive fan.
  • Disguised Easter egg pictured on wanted poster dyes different colors hiding identity to avoid arrest.
  • Lawyer can’t remember who he is on long list of law office’s names.
  • Traumatized memory foam mattress tells therapist it can’t forget the things it’s seen.
  • Leprechaun shops at Pot ‘o Gold dispensary at end of rainbow.
  • Bad cat scratches, claws and gets in owner’s way committing reckless endangerment, obstruction, destruction of property and hand slaughter crimes.
  • Cat judge sentences guilty cat on trial to 16 blocks inside a moving car.
  • Oscar the Grouch describes raccoon trashcan thief suspect to police sketch artist on Sesame Street.
  • Snowmen in court inherit extra face and body parts in deceased snowman’s will.
  • Scared snowmen audience watches twig arm come out of grave in horror film.
  • Snowman on laptop sees snow removal website ad and wonders if its relationship is in trouble.
  • Suspicious snowman sees salted foods on computer browser history as wife brings him a snack.