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  • Lawyers’ arguments cause fed up judge to reverse himself in his chair.
  • Pinata and piggybank awkwardly discover each plotting to smash the other.
  • Cat texts owner demands to be fed and pet more.
  • Man gets crossed out name tag because of funding cutbacks to the Witness Protection Program.
  • Cat criminal line up at police station doesn’t go well because they wont sit still.
  • Chairs in a cinema watch horror film with slasher cat about to claw.
  • Gingerbread man realizes that he is in a house made of gingerbread,
  • Dog is arrested after peeing on a fire hydrant art exhibition.
  • Bird wonders who is stealing his lunch.
  • Crumbs in beard leave evidence of who ate the pie.
  • Turkey identifies guilty party that stole his wattle in police line up.
  • Witch is accused of Crimes against Children.