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  • Man mistakenly says that the man who stole his identity looks exactly like himself from police artist picture.
  • Man instant messages "ROFL" on computer and then literally rolls on floor with laughter.
  • People wear visors to protect from flying corks on New Year's.
  • Santa gets a note on Christmas Eve if he wants to add a cookie to his system like the Internet.
  • T-shirts with emoticons on them are used to end spoken sentences
  • This cartoon couple lives with copyright logos as part of their d'cor.
  • A man is confused by how to get to the Toys R Us website, because he cannot type a backwards R.
  • Two monsters shopping for a car can't agree on what type to get.
  • A plant steals the identity card of another plant so it isn't ripped out of the ground.
  • A mayfly is scammed on the internet by buying a product that is shipped in 24 hours.
  • Trying to pay the vet bill online.
  • A girl pretends to be practicing by playing music on her computer.