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  • Betty White tries to help you remember your internet passwords by giving clues.
  • Green eggs and ham character posts dislikes on his profile.
  • Dad walks by to find his son trying the Mad Magazine Fold-In online, snapping the computer screen.
  • Owner posts video of pet cat on YouTube but cat thought the that catnip moment was private.
  • Dr. Seuss' Grinch commits identity theft by stealing Sam I Am's sign.
  • Court judge orders court to reconvene tomorrow but to check his Myspace blog for a verdict preview.
  • A man who works at Xluzzth had a lot of trouble finding a URL that wasn't already taken.
  • Trick-or-Treater looks exactly like the homeowner, effectively stealing his identity as his costume.
  • Playing on, veterinarians can now go to a computer website and review the animals that they spayed.
  • Devil with Blue Dress photos are posted on the internet by ex-wife.
  • Priest posts people's confessions in his web blog.
  • Man mistakenly says that the man who stole his identity looks exactly like himself from police artist picture.