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  • Godzilla on smartphone fitness tracker app reaches stepped on daily destruction goals.
  • Autocorrected Sesame Street Muppets Oscar the Crouch hides, gambling Bookie Monster, insect head big Bug Bird & tree trunk Elm Elmo text message spelling mix ups.
  • Pet owner lets kitty walking on laptop keys pick difficult internet security login passwords.
  • Clueless ocean wildlife researcher says GPS location tag sharks don’t realize being tracked & uses smartphone info tracking internet technology.
  • Seagull gamer in headphones plays beach french fries stealing Grand Theft Auto video game spoof.
  • Summer autocorrected sunken sand castle, surfing pig surf board, guilt confessing concession stand & balding hair head volleyball.
  • Flirty man on smartphone texts girlfriend hey lover but autocorrect loser message insults angry date.
  • Reproducing rabbits dad on laptop receives email inbox full alert message as lots of bunny children’s Father’s Day messages fill folder.
  • Kitty novelist sleeps on laptop keyboard & types random letters punctuation to complete writing novel in one night.
  • Dead 1/2 star killed by customers’ negative reviews scares 4 online shopping product review stars.
  • Dog on laptop website types Googles’ suggested search terms things to bark at, sniff, roll in, eat, throw up, eat again & regret.
  • Mother cat on cellphone shows off six pack baby kittens selfie picture of newborn litter nursing on stomach.