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  • A computer goes postal after being forced to send too many emails.
  • Everything a spider does is 4 steps forward and 8 steps back.
  • The Tin Man looks at a workout video called Buns of Steel.
  • Spiders want to eat a giant fly off the top of an exterminator's van.
  • A spider's web gets blown away by a kite.
  • Fly on his way to a stress reduction training seminar narrowly escapes death by a flyswatter, a frog, a spider, a cat, and bug spray.
  • Boy holding starfish asks dad, who is videoing, if video will be good enough for TV, dad agrees because shark is about to eat boy.
  • Spider is upset because her web is ruined by man's hair, and she wonders if her homeowner's insurance covers bad hair-do disasters.
  • Breadstick trying to do yoga exercises for pretzels winds up on the floor and broken into several pieces.
  • Computer informs that music subscription download time may be a while due to legal battles.
  • The elves show Santa an advanced surveillance operation to keep track of who's naughty.