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  • An architecture firm uses an etch-a-sketch to design stairs.
  • A test of the Virtual Dentist hardware, using the Virtual Optometrist software.
  • Microsoft creates a mosquito net that has flaws in it.
  • What other products would look like if they were designed by razor companies.
  • A politician is genetically engineered to shake hands and kiss babies more efficiently.
  • Dogs rig a man's grill spatula so he'll drop food for them.
  • Scientists genetically engineer an apple to keep the doctor and others away.
  • A cartoon of a stupid manager made to go on a cubicle wall.
  • A woman understands fuzzy logic when her computer gets covered in cat fur.
  • Computer engineers want to shut down a man's bodily functions and restart them during surgery.
  • Scientists bio-engineer a diamond dog to be everyone's best friend.
  • A genetically engineered horse has a Venus fly trap as a tail.