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  • Scientist questions how a cat has not become smaller after shedding a large amount of hair.
  • Hairy moon has not been waxing.
  • Mummy is annoyed with Spouse for stealing Wrap.
  • Praying mantis is remarried after his head is bitten off.
  • Cat couple partying on catnip has morning after regrets.
  • House hunters disagree on amenities.
  • Hot dog is annoyed with spouse for stealing the blanket.
  • Tick comes back engorged with blood after crawling around on pups all night.
  • Husband lies to his wife that he's still eating healthy because he's eating electronic bacon.
  • Watching the news, balloon fish gets upset and puffs up.
  • Kiss the Cook apron quickly escalated to sex in bed.
  • After looking at his phone, Blondie asks Dagwood who Brunettie is.