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  • Christmas tree on laptop is caught by wife looking at internet porn of naked tree with no leaves.
  • Frustrated woman tells man putting thong panties on vegetables that she said salad tongs.
  • Mummy puts a fake mummy in his place to fool his wife into thinking he’s listening while he watches TV instead.
  • Woman wearing headset wants to break up because she prefers her virtual boyfriend.
  • Woman thinks exhausted man’s nasal strips worked because he didn’t snore all night but he was awake all night.
  • At marriage mental health office the Easter Bunny’s wife says he hides things.
  • Potted flower in a psychiatrist’s office can’t understand why his wife doesn’t know what he needs when it is written on his tag.
  • Cat runs away from discussing relationship.
  • Man gives wife a bouquet of coffee cups for Valentine’s Day.
  • One heart eye emoji in counseling isn’t committed to the relationship
  • Romance Novels for Women involve men doing chores for them.
  • Praying Mantis attempts to attract a mate with a fake chocolate head.