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  • Man thinks about date, he complimented service, asked for another date, showed her food on his dental floss, wonders why she got sick and left.
  • Bottle of wine at dating service, tells employee the girl for him should be complex, yet simple, smooth with character, delicate body, and bold.
  • Dorothy tells Dereck they haven't been dating, she's been researching a scientific study on undesirable men, she's done now, another researcher will follow up sometime.
  • Captain Kirk has retired, answers door to see alien woman and alien child, thinks to himself, "Oh, God, not another paternity suit."
  • One fruit fly tells another to take a long walk on a short pear, instead of pier because they are tiny fruit flies.
  • Man asks Wilamina to come with him, he'll give her anything her heart desires, Wilamina's heart is excited and picturing itself in a new car.
  • Woman asks Jimmy if she can turn his stereo down because stereo is turned on, playing romantic music, and trying to give her flowers.
  • Two nails standing outside house, one nails tells the other he's been thinking about moving, two hammers are visible moving into the house next door.
  • Flea real estate agent tells flea couple woman's big head of hair is perfect place to start family because of space and privacy.
  • Clams take Cleo to bachelor party at On The Halfshell with live, saucy clams, clam digs, chowder wrestling, Cleo worries he will catch red tide.
  • Two couples playing charades, Copelands have telepathic abilities, so they guess "Death of a Salesman" right away, Adams suspect cheating.
  • Dogs ask home owner where they are moving with their trash cans.