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  • Fish next to hold the anchovies sign on seafloor cheers up line of sad anchovies by hugging them.
  • Woman looks like she has beard after she kisses her cat for good luck before dates.
  • Dogs exhibit tech behaviors with Facetime, instant messaging, streaming, and service providers.

  • Cat radios back to mission control that due to love and attention they are staying.

  • A man says he's a dog person because he likes pets that show affection, but the woman he's talking to has affectionate cats.
  • A tootsie roll thinks the Hershey kisses that visited were too affectionate.
  • An anteater is such an aggressive kisser that his tongue comes out his girlfriend's ear.
  • A burglar is going to get caught because he feels bad about dislodging his victims' cat from his lap.
  • A nerd in a library is a girl's brain throb.
  • A cat's pickup line is "mew."
  • Cat writes How to Care for Your Cat website to get what he wants.
  • Psychologist asks cat about the last time he purred for someone else's happiness.

You searched for: affection