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  • A woman opens a package of sourdough dough and finds an irritable old Pillsbury Dough Boy inside.
  • Mayfly moms talk about how a baby mayfly is going through the Terrible Two Minutes.
  • The Big Bad Wolf breaks his natural diet when he eats Little Red Riding Hood's grandma.
  • No one realizes Superman's strength until he plays Pull My Finger.
  • Baby fish ask their grandfather if he was there when Moses parted the Red Sea.
  • Praying mantis bumper stickers have jokes about eating other mantises.
  • People give directions based on what's important to them.
  • The big bad wolf succumbs to the stress of working two jobs.
  • An older wolf complains to a younger wolf that he used to have to go over the river and through the woods to eat grandmother, but now he can buy it frozen.
  • A wolf says he's so full he couldn't possibly eat another grandmother.
  • Gumby's extended family are all stretched out and tall.
  • An Apple computer falls on the head of Isaac Newton's great, great, great, great, great, great grandson.