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  • A wolf wants to trade his pig lunch for a fellow grandmother wolf's lunch.
  • Grandma thinks that getting eaten by the Wolf was bad, until Red Riding Hood shows up.
  • If you have nothing good to say, host a radio show.
  • The Big Bad Wolf needs large dentures when he gets old.
  • The first Grammy award was given by a little girl to her grandmother.
  • Betsy Ross had a collection of star stickers for getting questions right in Preschool.
  • A snake makes a quilt with molted skin.
  • A cat is related to the cat in a famous poster.
  • An old woman gets a hip replacement and becomes cool and trendy.
  • Wolves decide to buy a house because it smells like a grandmother.
  • The big bad wolf's wife yells at him for not chewing his food after Little Red Riding Hood's mother survives him eating her.
  • The Big Bad Wolf gets liposuction and the three little pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and a grandmother come out of his stomach.