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  • Supermarket grocery cart says gesundheit to empty cart that sneezed customer’s food on messy aisle floor.
  • Paranoid conspiracies cat tells shopper cat government tracking kitty litter misinformation rumor.
  • Medical exam patient tells Doctor about misspelled dizzy childhood spelling bee mistake.
  • Pet owner girlfriend tells sneezing boyfriend she’s allergic to not having cats.
  • Man on smartphone tracks daily emotional progress on therapy baby steps pedometer wellness app.
  • Ride share driver grosses out passenger with embarrassing intestinal blockage conversation.
  • Nurse uses all-natural kitten claws for hospital patient blood test needles.
  • Cat says it got vet shots but hesitant cat believes crazy Garfield tracking chip vaccination lies.
  • Man shopping online on computer sees unrelated chiropractic product suggestion marketing.
  • Bagel doctor tells bagel patient it’s tests say it has everything.
  • Medical physician says extra arm patient has pain in forearms.