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  • Mom tells daughter ants crawled through floorboards, got into her casserole, Dad is taking care of them, while Dad gives the ants Pepto Bismol.
  • Man asks Wilamina to come with him, he'll give her anything her heart desires, Wilamina's heart is excited and picturing itself in a new car.
  • Child asks mom how Santa will get in house since they have no chimney, Santa is on the roof with an axe.
  • Mom worried about son, Joey, because he just got done sitting on Count Santa's lap, he looks pale, nervous, and something is wrong with neck.
  • The maternity ward for skeletons is full of tiny skeleton heads and crossbones, dad skeleton and child skeleton are looking in window.
  • Mailman delivering bag full of babies thinks that storks shouldn't get vacations.
  • Two rabbits stand outside home, which is busting at seams with baby rabbits, wife asks husband if he thinks it's time for a bigger place.
  • Husband tells wife about "undo" feature on computer, wishes life had same feature for if something gets broken, cheat on wife, say something stupid.
  • The mother of the bride writes the vows and makes comments about groom.
  • Mother mentions twins with cloning machine, Dad realizes they don't have twins.
  • The scarier version of Star Wars is when Darth Vader reveals he's Luke's Mother.
  • Woman is now able to focus anger on boyfriend instead of self and feels relief.