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  • A fly says he liked a piece of roadkill more before it got popular.
  • Possums have a funeral with a flat coffin for their roadkill friend.
  • A theme park closes because no one liked the grim reaper theme.
  • The wicked witch melts after attempting the ice bucket challenge.
  • A man grows very old on a never-ending non-stop train ride.
  • A zombie goes to the doctor and has no blood pressure.
  • Cats destroy Rug Godzilla.
  • A headsman has almost finished his bucket list.
  • The Walking Dumpty are egg zombies who want to eat yolks.
  • The grim reaper nearly kills the wrong person because he's distracted by his phone.
  • A man's tombstone says he's one step closer to becoming a zombie.
  • A hammer has a nail through it and the police think it might be a murder.