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  • Turkey Rapunzel lowers her long wattle to be rescued from tower.
  • Cat and dog with cellphones text emojis. Dog is happy there will be people at Thanksgiving dinner. Cat is horrified.
  • Turkey changes picture on Cornell University bird species painting to read bad taste poison lizard bird.
  • Turkey apologizes to dance partner for stepping on foot, says he has two left drumsticks.
  • Cellphones around dinner table have full storage after Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Turkey is foolish to apply to a restaurant posting a oven inspector job.
  • Turkey’s fortune cookie says he will get special treatment (for Thanksgiving meal).
  • Dog searches online for translation of the word leftovers.
  • Dog is thankful for food dropped by slobs during Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Dad's recipe is a pizza shaped like a turkey.
  • Thanksgiving dinner would be better if we could block, mute and unfollow others.
  • Turkey's fortune is that he will be surrounded by family that is not his.