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  • A man standing in the fires of Hell can handle the heat, but the noise of the smoke detectors going off drive him crazy.
  • Cat's conscience, a devil cat and an angel cat, both encourage cat to jump on counter and snatch the unguarded fish fillet.
  • Angel is struggling to keep from falling through a cloud with a sign that says, "Danger Quick-Cloud."
  • Famous last words from Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Albert Bugleweed, whose last words were "Honey, how's your diet going'".
  • Chair looks terrified and holds a sign that says the end is near because a fat man is about to sit down.
  • Plumbing pipe dreams about being a pipe on an organ and creating beautiful music.
  • Fish in traffic helicopter says there is major tie-up in Red Sea because guy is holding stick, sea is parted, implying that man is Moses.
  • Devils rambling around Earth, devil tells man they're on field trip to watch horrible things about to happen, man should just pretend they're not there.
  • Archie the apple wants to impress date, a pear, with his family tree, showing different apples, like Agatha tempting Adam, Jeffrey bonking Sir Issac Newton.
  • Man and woman standing with priest about to be married, woman tells priest to give them "the usual," implying she's been married many times.
  • Earth in space with hand of God visible, someone on Earth tells friend to take telescope and tell him what he thinks he sees.
  • Turtle trying to reach racing finish line is followed by a Hare Krishna who keeps trying to get his attention and give him pamphlet.