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  • A vampire is to blame for chocolate bunnies being hollow.
  • The Easter Bunny runs a clinic for egg donors.
  • The easter bunny paints his walls to look like easter eggshells.
  • The most successful bunny was the one that took basket weaving.
  • The Easter Bunny dresses up in leather.
  • Replacement chocolate bunny ears are sold to guilty, sweet-toothed parents.
  • The Easter Bunny complains to John Lennon about his use of the phrase "eggman."
  • Humpty Dumpty searches for people on Lilliput like people usually search for eggs on Easter.
  • A snake eats all of the Easter Bunny's eggs while he's in the bathroom.
  • Santa is so late he bumps into the Easter Bunny.
  • Eggs pretend to die for a dyeing contest.
  • A young Ozzy Osbourne bit the heads off all the chocolate bunnies on Easter.