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  • A boss chooses who his right-hand man should be by who has the biggest hand.
  • A man gets turned down for a job position because he reminds the interviewer of someone he hated in high school.
  • A cartoonist surgeon makes a mistake and asks for an eraser.
  • John McEnroe hosts Wheel of Fortune.
  • A woman thinks people look like ants from the top floor of the genetic engineering facility, but really they're giant ants.
  • A company tries to hire someone with skills in construction, but a snake applies because he's good at constriction.
  • A man misconstrues his boss's comments for his resume as he fires him.
  • A meteorologist loses his cool in a high pressure area.
  • A man with no legs wonders how the other half lives.
  • A mechanic's toddler daughter asks to make an appointment because she's about to have an accident.
  • Cats go to a lecture to learn time management.
  • A dog resents a cat for doing no work and getting a private indoor bathroom.