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  • Two mice exchange Christmas gifts, which are both mousetraps for pest removal, and the husband encourages his wife to open her gift first.
  • Male skelton tells female, Agatha, he suspected cheating, but didn't expect to find so many skeletons in her closet, there are real skeletons in closet.
  • Husband orange tells judge he wants divorce because he wanted kids and wife never told him she was seedless.
  • Woman living with tooth fairy, surrounded by teeth, says it was fascinating first, but he doesn't clean up, he's out all night and dresses funny.
  • Director talks to fork and cup about script, telling them after dog laughs, next part may be shocking when cup runs away with spoon.
  • Man and woman standing with priest about to be married, woman tells priest to give them "the usual," implying she's been married many times.
  • Husband tells wife about "undo" feature on computer, wishes life had same feature for if something gets broken, cheat on wife, say something stupid.
  • Singer's lyrics reveal that he is having affair with drummer's wife.