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  • An oyster gets her kids to irritate her husband so he'll make pearls.
  • Ants only visit their mom on sundaes.
  • A girl who tattles on her brother is the original automatic teller.
  • Timmy looks for his mom and dad after creating huge mess while unwrapping his Christmas presents
  • Two kangaroos explain to their adult son that it is time for him to move out while he rests on top of his mom's pouch.
  • The son frankfurter asks the father hotdog where he comes from, to which the father tells him he doesn't want to know.
  • Boy thinks about his day, which included eating spaghetti, playing games, cleaning his room, and shaving the cat, and wonders why his mom punished him.
  • Daughter tells Mom she is making a ballerina costume for Halloween out of an old, white dress (Wedding Gown) she found in back of Mom's closet.
  • Diaper on baby's bottom tells another diaper if he thought the safety pin was bad, wait until he sees what comes next, implying dirty diaper.
  • Letter E teacher tells letter E parents that child is quiet and uninvolved, needs career as silent letter, parents think Hope and Love, child thinks Trouble.
  • There is nothing like the sound of child's voice for woman, can opener for cat, tree falling for beaver, and "Ow, my thumb!" for hammer.
  • Mother sheet of paper has staples, daughter has paper clips, mom tells daughter she is too young for staples.